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 doom in the warhammer campaigne

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max ayson
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max ayson

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PostSubject: doom in the warhammer campaigne   Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:08 am

i had a dream last night (friday) and it was about the warhammer campainge. it was ecentially all our characters (i was varlom) eveeryone was there. we charge into a knot of black orcs in a last ditch chance to escape and davids killed on the charge mike trys to melt some but they shrug it off (they were black orcs).im varlom (bard) and im looking through his eyes i'm using a roman gladius in my hand and swinging it desperatly at this huge black orc. every time i hit him it does a pathetic little cut ( ifeel like zorII vs the liche Sad ) and hes just standing there frowning. he them punches me (with sylish orky nuckledudsters!) and i wake up.

next week rich said we would be using the new combat system i cant help but think this horrible pummely death may happen to all of us Sad but hey im sure we can win (even if only zorII comes out again)

hope you liked this from mayson.

*oh and yes i did really dream this its not just stuff i made up*
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Mike Culpan
Mike Culpan

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PostSubject: Re: doom in the warhammer campaigne   Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:42 am

Dont worry dude, i dont think your dream is a premonition. After all, whilst i havnt had much luck melting anybodies faces yet. I am positive come next week ill have had enough practice to melt EVERYBODIES faces off. And the very fact that i fail proves that it wont come true.... For i never fail.

Still kinda weird though Very Happy
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doom in the warhammer campaigne
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