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 warhammer local league?

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Andi Avery
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Andi Avery

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warhammer local league? Empty
PostSubject: warhammer local league?   warhammer local league? I_icon_minitimeSat May 08, 2010 5:28 am

I know Owen and Rob have been trying to sort this out but i reakon we should push hard for a league ready for 8th ed. We could start small with rygas, dice and dagger, paw and maybe gw plym.

The way its worked before is a team of 4 with a captain. Each team can not have the same army twice in it so a single different army for each member. Then you play home and away. Each team submits a list of their teams armies and then the home captain decides which army from his team will play which army from the oppositions list. This ensures that the home side should ensure favourable match ups (if the skipper is any good)

This means each team member will play one game on a league night so the league can take place at respective gaming nights and so special weekend visits are not necessary.

Usually 2pts for the winning team and 1pt for a draw with bonus points for individuals wining a match.

For example if say 1 team won 3 matches and the other team won one, the winning team would get 5 pts. (2 for winning the match and 3 for individuals winning their own battles) the losing team would get 1 point for their winner.

Obviously home advantage can be massive as your skip gets to choose the match ups making an away win quite hard.

Over the course of the league, vps for and vps against are calculated with the aggregate difference settling ties.

Also as like footy and rugby there can be seperate cups and trophy competitons throughout the "season".

This should be reasonably easy to sort out as each club has its own club night and so wouldnt do much out of the ordinary except travel a small distance. Also any club without a venue can go to another clubs venue as home advantage is in match up selection rather than actual home territory advantage so games can be played anywhere.

I think this is a great idea, a great chance to spread the dominance of a certain club in the local area, great social outlets (for those who cant attend tournys but like the idea) and a chance to play other armies and players.

Just an idea to try and get set up with the excuse of 8th editions release. Im not trying to step on the Farmer boys toes, just throwing out ideas, as it seems like a few people at the club want to get a bit more competitive gaming under their belts and i think this could be a good way of doing so.

Also with the amount of players at cross swords we could have diferent teams and instead of "A and B teams" we could have sword names instead. Shotgun Team Claymore!!!
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Jay Court
Jay Court

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warhammer local league? Empty
PostSubject: Re: warhammer local league?   warhammer local league? I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 19, 2010 7:06 pm

Hi mate.

Good idea in principal, one of the problems could be getting people from all the different clubs to travel back & forth each time, I'm guessing it wouldn't be something that will be going on every week, but every few weeks?

Plus, you would have to make sure the players involved (from each club) could commit themselves each time, as people might have other games arranged at their respective clubs or need to practice for various tournaments (especially the amount of events that we go to!)

Liking the idea though! Cool

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warhammer local league?
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