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 The Emeritus Campaign GRANDMASTER

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Scott Everritt
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Scott Everritt

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PostSubject: The Emeritus Campaign GRANDMASTER   Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:42 pm

It has been 25 year since we games tested GRANDMASTER back in Enfield. Written by Conrad & Neil Albrechtsen in 1984. It now has a new home here at Cross swords & Neil is currently running the Emeritus Campaign for us & man are we hooked.
Just as a little bit of trivia, Grandmaster was very nearly picked up by Ian Livingstone & published by Games Workshop (you need to give us a finished product! damn so close...) we did however get to go to Gamesday 85 for free & had a table set up all weekend (woot!) Also James Swallow (yeah the author of the blood angels/stargate/star trek etc etc novels) is one of our oldest friends & was on the first team of playtesters with us back in the 80's. He tells me that role playing really helped him with his work & we still roleplay when we get the chance.
So now a core group of us live down here in the south west, The Enfield Suicide Squad is in exile.
The game revolves around the incredible powers of the mind that we assume exist & although Grandmanster can be played in any setting or time line we are in the classic far future setting (heroes meets firefly).
The campaign is in full swing, Hell I am on character no2 ( poor marcus rolled a critical fail...very dead).
we have a limited number of spaces left on the Emeritus team & we will be posting a campaign update soon.
come & take a look...
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The Emeritus Campaign GRANDMASTER
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