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 Good ideas club?

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Cross-Swords Member

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Join date : 2009-09-13

PostSubject: Good ideas club?   Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:14 pm

Hello, so there I was painting away, and I got to thinking (WOO there Swabs, I know I know Razz).

What good ideas do you/I have for the club.

I think a Gaming paintathon at the club with some nice grub, would be good to get the slackers out there putting some paint on their models.

I know I paint better with other people around to motivate me and I to motivate them.

Also this could work with scenery, /looks at Andy


I also think it would be nice to have some sort of League like in football where we can play more than 3 games before getting knocked out (Just cause you got knocked out early Swabs AHEM!)

I would personally like a swap shop/for sale board, either on the forum or a physical board where we can see who wants what.

Tyrant Swabs
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Daniel_ Hilliard
Cross-Swords Member

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Age : 34
Location : Plymouth

PostSubject: Re: Good ideas club?   Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:00 pm

Some really great ideas swabs I would be well up for a painting day really need some motivation and tips while I paint. Also love the idea of a swap shop/ sales board. We could do painting day once a month sorta thing.
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Rob Farmer

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Age : 41
Location : Atlantic City

PostSubject: Re: Good ideas club?   Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:09 pm

I really like the idea of the Bring and Buy table. We all have models that we're never going to use and could be something that another guy really wants. This might be something we run as a one-off every few months, or in a corner every Thursday. Ant would need to give this the go-ahead, I think.

Palpatine's behind it all!
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andy white
Cross-Swords Member

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Age : 47

PostSubject: Re: Good ideas club?   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:43 pm

whooa there Swabs,
heres an iron for your fire! how about a league one for each system fantasy , warmachine and 40k, all can take part but it is by no means compulsary, each participating player makes note of (club only) games and the result. so a played /won /drawn / lost / points for and against. then over say a year we will have a club champion along with cup competitions. forcing cross swords to host its first ever xmas bash where trophy's and wooden spoons are dished out.

as for a scenary bash if the club comes up with a theme for a board or a series of boards, those intrested can design build and paint themed terrain sounds good.

bit extreme but for painting i remember reading about a club where the members enter tournaments with the same army eg they all had the same chapter of space marines, so for paw (legionary is too soon) fantasy could field the same province of empire or skaven clan.

seems the clubs having a bit of a surge in members at the mo, we know we have some good painters, great generals and we'd all love to play on the finished boards at the back of the cellar and not even going to mention the unfinished city fight stuff.

looks like tyrant swabs started somethinghas
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Mike Culpan

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Location : Ivybridge

PostSubject: Re: Good ideas club?   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:08 pm

Ok here is my godly 2 cents.

Paintathon = win. My one and only army which is completely painted was painted whilst at a 24hr paintathon.

Bring and Buy. Lets face it, stuff that generally turns up on a bring and buy which you actually want is normally stuff which you are too cheap to pay full price for. Therefore i am thinking it will not be a problem as long as people do not turn up with models they have made themselves and sell on mega cheap.... You know who you are Suspect

A purchase section on the forum may be a bit further off the mark though. Bringing stuff and putting it to the people is one thing, but simply posting photos or just even a post of what you have, requires so little effort on the sellers part that it would undermine the efforts it takes to drive Cross-Swords sales. So I for one, will not let there be such a system in place. Being able to advertise your stuff at our club or on the forum with say 30 mins worth of work, is worlds away from physically bringing in some bits to see if people will take them off your hands.

As for scenery, that will work, but it will have to be peoples own scenery. After a few years of making the scenery for the club with dan and ant, i am highly reluctant to have help from anyone else on some of the cross-swords projects. Yes i know this means it will take mega ages to complete. But lets face it, the -majority- of you like to paint your own models. Would you let someone else take a brush to your stuff when they cant be held accountable? No i think not. So whilst it will work, it will have to be members scenery. (We would definitely make exception for andy though, due to his outstanding commitment and willingness to dedicate a considerable amount of his own time and money to projects for use in Cross-Swords events.... Andy... We love you. X)

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Owen Farmer

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Age : 38
Location : Bridport

PostSubject: Re: Good ideas club?   Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:03 pm

Mike Culpan wrote:
(.... Andy... We love you. X)

Andy, I love you 2 I love you
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Age : 37
Location : Plymouth

PostSubject: Re: Good ideas club?   Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:18 pm

you do rock Andy, your scenery is second to none and the effort you've put in over the last few years is unbelievable....I think I infact love you as well, in which case we're going to have to bitch fight over who gets to hold you sweetly next time in club lol
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PostSubject: Re: Good ideas club?   

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Good ideas club?
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