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 what should i add to my army

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Daniel_ Hilliard
Cross-Swords Member

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PostSubject: Re: what should i add to my army   Sat May 21, 2011 3:16 am

Hey m8 thanks for the offer but I'm not at the club for a while as we are having a new baby in the next few days I really like the idea of the furness and the Abom just can't afford both although the furness will give me a grey seer conversion model to so. I know you say one cannon ball and its dead but that's the same as the abom. I'm really not sure now as I know I need an Abom and the furness. I do think I'm gonna get the furness first then maybe if its not to cheeky to ask I can borrow an Abom when I come back to the club. Also need to find a way of getting there again as Chris soon won't be able to pick me up. Thanks for the advice.
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Owen Farmer

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Location : Bridport

PostSubject: Re: what should i add to my army   Sat May 21, 2011 8:29 am

As a guy who plays with cannons i'm happer seeing a furness than a abom. I can shoot the furness out giving you no saves at all I can also use small units to slow you down and redirect you. With an a abom I could kill you with 1 cannon shot however you have a 4+ regen save plus you could come back to life. Also the movement of the abom means it's really hard the block and redirect you because of the way that the abom moves meaning you could just go around me.
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Martin Cooper
Cross-Swords Member

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PostSubject: Re: what should i add to my army   Sat May 21, 2011 4:04 pm

No point listening me not like I've seen many competitive skaven lists haha. At the end of the day u can proxy and see how they play personally if I don't see a cannon and rat packs and I see a furnace I love it I can hold it in place all day with one scar vet or feed it two chameleon skinks while the rest of the army kills everything else.

Personally gutter runners r a good idea every competitive list plays as many as possible hellpit as u gather is a must. Grey seer as I've said before is probably the most important character u have alongside two warlocks and ur bsb. The rest of slaves and rat packs and u have a very competitive army.

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PostSubject: Re: what should i add to my army   

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what should i add to my army
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