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 FineCasts - not too impressed.

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PostSubject: FineCasts - not too impressed.   Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:41 am

Put together some Eldar FineCast models yesterday.

The models are very details but the material used is really brittle (if that's the correct word to use)
I was really careful and still managed to break 2 models
When compared to the plastic models I do think these are pretty difficult to handle when taking off the casting sprue. You would think they would be easier compared to hard plastic but the resin does seems to break on small details.
Also some of the casting blends into the model so its difficult to know where the casting ends and the model begins.

As someone pretty new to all this - I actually preferred the metal models and these FineCasts are the worst I've come across (Warhammer and Warmachine / Horde)

Certainly think £23 compared to the previous price of £18 isn't worth it when the model its really any better....and for a newb like me more difficult to put together.
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Jay Court
Jay Court

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PostSubject: Re: FineCasts - not too impressed.   Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:11 am

Not seen any of the models in the flesh, in their unpainted form, only seen one - a Marine Chaplain that was painted &
from what I could see it looked ok.

As for being brittle, I heard that they were meant to be more durable, even to the point where one of their large models was dropped on
the floor several times & nothing happened.

Did you have any air bubbles in any of the models? Apparently GW had major problems with some of their initial releases.

Still waiting to get hold of my first FC stuff, so going to reserve judgement until I do.

As for the price, it's a bit of a double-whammy, the release was at the same time as GW's annual price rise so it looked like the increase
was higher than normal.

At the end of the day, we're all going to be buying it all anyway, maybe not from GW direct, & there's only so many alternatives you can
get fom other retailers, Mantic etc.

If it moves, hit it.

If it doesn't move hit it anyway!

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Dan Jolly
Dan Jolly

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PostSubject: Re: FineCasts - not too impressed.   Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:26 am

Out of interest which models were they? I am about to tackle a squad of Striking Scorpians to see what they are like. I accidently cut some of the sword of my Autarch so I ope to do better this time. That being said I cant wait to paint him as the detail is so crispy!

As for durability I found this:


Obviously this is more for fun I dont think drop our 28mm miniature soldiers onto hard ground is ever a good idea - they are not bouncy balls after all :-)

As Jay says it is worth checking your happy the models came out right. If you are not take them back to GW for an exchange. It doesnt matter wether they are from Cross Swords, Antics, GW or any other source if you arnt happy with what you have (And you havnt started painting/construction of course) you can exchange them - without a reciept. (This is not the cae for refunds though you will need a GW receipt for that and the item will need to damaged if it is openned)

Anyways hope that helps I think I best go explore my Scorpian Boxed Sets

The Emperor Protects
(But having a loaded boltgun never hurt)
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PostSubject: Re: FineCasts - not too impressed.   

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FineCasts - not too impressed.
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